Dead End Dieting

“After reading through my magazine I decided to start this new diet plan where I eat nothing but meat for 7 days. At the end of the seven days, I switch to 7 days of fruits, and then finish with 7 days of raw vegetables. A few of my friends have tried the diet and after the first week they have seen amazing transformation already and they’ve all lost at least 7 pounds. I cannot wait to start this diet and see how well it works for me.” – Dead End Dieting

The diet above sounds truly promising and people have already started thinking the diet listed sounds like a solid diet. I am not here to say the above diet won’t work, I am just here to tell you why that diet and similar diets won’t necessarily work for you. The listed plan looks quite promising, especially if you know nutrition and know how your body digests macronutrients. I am not a licensed dietitian or a nutritionist so I cannot prescribe a diet or even say the above diet is for you. What I can say is that the above diet, based on articles and research will work for most people. The problem with the diet listed is that it is not a lifestyle, but a 6-12 weeks approach to INSANITY. Eating in cycles such as the one listed above will drive the average person insane. The problem with the above diet is that it sounds doable and to some it sounds very logical. I know what you are thinking; get to the point of this article so I can get started on the above diet. BAM, diet fails! The above diet is not a lifestyle change but a way to change your life in the short term. What will you do after the 12 week point? Will you go back to eating normal? What is normal eating?

The good thing about most diets is that they can and will work as long as they are based around a few simple rules. The problem with dieting is people get lost in the amount of time they diet. People begin to think, “I’ve only got 3 weeks left of eating like this” and “I’ve lost x amount of weight so I guess a few more weeks won’t hurt”. Dieting should not be for 4 weeks or 12 weeks unless you have a specific end result such as a bodybuilding competition, triathalon, or similar. Everyone has the opportunity and choice to diet, but the problems people run into during the diet or after the diet are of issue. Find what foods you enjoy that are considered healthy and see where they fit within your daily caloric allowance. Do not completely overhaul your diet like dad’s old car as the end result is pieces in every corner of the garage. When completing a lifestyle change, it should come in phases. Slowly adapt to your healthy meal choices by getting used to each one in phases. Start with a meal and slowly build up from that point into two meals, then three, and so on until you have a complete lifestyle change. If you look at any success strategy whether it be drug detox or rehab, everything comes in phases (or steps).

To complete this mission of health you need helpers onboard and those that share similar goals. Create a supporting cast that will help you on your journey. If you are eating raw broccoli while someone else is eating pizza you will soon crumble. This is not a test of wills, it is a journey to a better you. Similar to those suffering from addiction it is time to get others on your path or move forward (This is not the way to end a relationship, so do not take it that way. I do not want to have your boyfriend or girlfriend emailing me they just got dumped for eating pizza). Other people do not want to feel dragged into a new diet plan that you are following. People need to understand that you are eating better, because eating better makes you feel better (and everything else that comes with feeling better). It may not be something that people want to follow along with at first, but once the results start showing people will follow.